Main Channel:

This is my main channel, it has almost 7000 subscribers and it gains with 10+ subscribers every day (March 25, 2012) and it has more than 54.000.000+ video views that also gains every day. It also has more than 100.000 channel views. This channel also has been suspended for 5 times but I always return and i want to make sure now that it never gets suspended again.

Other Channels:

(In the past I had 2 other channels but I deleted them because the last time I got suspended I didn't thought I would ever return to YouTube with my main channel so I deleted all other channels also.)

This is my newest channel after I deleted MattiizzzMusicVideos because I wanted to change the name. I want to upload the newest R&B music videos on this channel. The first video is already uploaded on this channel and it got 30.000+ video views in the first 2 days and it's gaining every day.

This is an older channel with 4 videos uploaded on it and I ain't planning to upload videos on it ever again. Total video views are 210.000+ (March 25, 2012). It now has 69 subscribers.

I will upload full R&B albums on this channel. I already have 2 albums ready to go online so they will be uploaded soon.

Thank you Comedy Central star Blake Anderson for sharing my video and trying to keep the good music alive!:

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